Contribute to the Northampton Gates

In our effort to build community and define our borders, the HVNA has initiated a project to build entry gates at Northampton Road where it intersects with Old Chapel Hill Road.  This is a grass roots effort that needs the support of all HV residents. 

The overall cost for clearing the corners of several trees, preparing footings, constructing the walls and finish work on the exterior, comes in at about $7,000-$9,000. This project is scheduled to begin in August 2016. There are several opportunities to contribute. Thank you in advance for your participation!
Platinum: $500.00
Gold: $350.00
Silver: $300.00
Bronze: $250.00
All gifts, of any size, are important.

To contribute online, click here and follow these instructions:

  1.  Select the Pay Dues Online button
  2. On the next screen, enter the amount of your contribution in the Other field.
  3. Enter your contact info
  4. In the More field, specify that your contribution is for the Gates.
  5. Proceed with entering your credit card information.

You can also pay by check here:

Hope Valley Neighborhood Association
PO Box 51338
Durham, NC 27717
Please use #Gates in the memo line!

More about the gates:

These gates will closely mirror the iconic gates at Dover Road and Windsor Way.  The original entries, designed by renowned architect Aymar Embry II who also designed the HVCC Clubhouse, were constructed in 1926.

“New” Hope Valley is an extension of the original neighborhood development, appearing on 1920’s maps as an “area of future development.”  Similar to our restoration of the historic Hope Valley street signs and the addition of historic design address markers, these new gates will further our goal of achieving a consistent and unified look to all of Hope Valley.  

This initiative will benefit all residents of Hope Valley even if you live a mile or more away. It identifies our community in a positive way, defines our entry, and we hope will help enhance property values.  Passing through our historic gates signals entry into Durham’s most prestigious neighborhood.

If you have any questions feel free to contact either or 



HVNA Statement Regarding Deed Covenants

A Statement from
The Hope Valley Neighborhood Association Board of Directors
Regarding Hope Valley Deed Covenants

The Board acknowledges that all Hope Valley deeds contain covenants that govern property use.  The Board further acknowledges, based on research by local attorneys, that the covenants are valid, enforceable, and a matter of law.

The Board takes no opinion on the rules contained within the covenants, but does acknowledge that the covenants place restrictions on a number of property uses for Hope Valley Homeowners.  The Board further encourages homeowners, developers and real estate professionals, including sales agents and surveyors, as well as other interested parties, to research these covenants prior to making representations to buyers, sellers, clients, or the City of Durham.

While the covenants in the various sections of Hope Valley are similar, they do have differences and tend to reflect the norms of the times in which they were written.  All covenants not superseded by Federal or State law including the Fair Housing Act, or City Ordinance are valid and enforceable.

Below is a guide to assist you or your researcher in beginning to examine these documents that govern development in our neighborhood.  These may or may not be the exact covenants on your property. Those rules should appear, in full, in your deed, however they may be found here as well:

Hope Valley Country Club Section (1926 – late 1940’s)
Record of Deed Book 94, Page 257

Watts Norton Section (late 1940’s – 1960’s)
Record of Deed Book 151, Page 558 (Amended in 1950)

Claude Currie, et al Section (1950’s – 1980’s)
Record of Deed Book 186, Page 317

Van Trine Park (1960’s – 1990’s)
Record of Deed Book 269, Page 50

Hope Valley West (1968 – 1980’s)
Plat Book 60, page 24

New Hope Valley (1980’s – 2000’s)
Record of Deed Book 1692, page 109

The HVNA Board encourages you to know your rights and limitations, consult a legal professional, read your deed.

This document can also be downloaded as a PDF here.