Historic Gates Restoration Update #3

Thermometer as of October 13, 2017.jpg

Hope Valley Fund

For the Dover and Windsor Gates

The HVNA is making a final push to complete fundraising for the restoration of the historic entry gates on Windsor and Dover Roads. Thanks to generous (and in some cases, multiple!) contributions from almost 250 families in the neighborhood, we are now more than 90% of the way there! However, we can't stop now. The budget includes funding for new landscaping design and ongoing maintenance so that, once restored, the gates remain beautiful and iconic entryways to our historic neighborhood.

Currently, work has begun to remove decades of paint and other coatings in order to determine the condition of the original carved and cast portions of the structures.  Once this multi-step process is complete a survey will be made of the historic elements and replacement pieces cast.  At the same time the majority of the stucco will be removed from the walls to allow for the structure to be strengthened and waterproofed.  Finally the restored structures will be sealed and coated with materials to protect them for another 90 years, and the areas surrounding re-landscaped.

Please consider a second contribution (perhaps along with an early 2018 dues payment), or encourage your neighbors to join in.

Thank you,

HVNA Board of Directors.