Historic Gates Restoration Update #2

Hope Valley Fund

For the Dover and Windsor Gates

Fundraising continues for our HVNA gates update, with the great news that we are now over halfway toward our goal.

Plans call for a significant restoration of the entry gates at both Windsor and Dover Roads.  Our General Contractor, Gateway Construction, has donated their services allowing us to to pay for just labor and materials. The cost compares favorably with the new gates at Northampton, but includes work and safeguards required by the city Historic Preservation Commission.

The Historic Preservation Commission, whose signs were posted this week, oversees renovations to historic structures within the City and County. The gates were designed by prominent architect Aymar Embury II, and built about the same time as the Clubhouse in 1927.  They are included within the 2009 National Register boundary.

The goal of this project is to stabilize and restore these markers to protect them for the next 91 years.

Thank you to all Hope Valley residents, and institutions that have responded thus far, and we urge you to consider a gift if you have not yet given. Use your postage paid envelope! We hope to begin work by Fall.

We're over halfway there!

Thank you,

HVNA Board of Directors.